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The right place to master your mixes


We are experts in Audio Mastering : we deliver high quality masters using the best available tools of both analog and digital domains.


Value and Creativity

We improve your music on its very last production stage. We optimize the process so it will play well on all playback systems.

Selected finest gear

We use selected & optimized equipment to satisfy a non-compromised delivery.

Follow the process...

For your convenience we're able to deliver your masters online. You follow step by step the Mastering process untill delivery.


We work according to your artistic statement, so our mastering will reflect the most important for your music.


You are welcome.
Kevork Mastering is an Audio Mastering facility based in France.
We care a lot for your music to be well balanced upon release, with good dynamics.

Most of all we want your project to be competitive according to today’s market, in your specific genre of music.
You want it loud while keeping good dynamics? Please come in, this is the right place because we know how to.

Because Mastering is the final stage of the post-production process, we do know that we will enhance your sound by a last creative process.
Technically we know how to improve your sound. So artistically you have the floor. We'll take into account your desires then we’ll start the process.

Kevork Mastering works on all genre of music. We are experts in Mastering.


...A few examples to listen to : before(Mix) & after(Master)

Artist is jazz band "Shades of blue". All tracks recorded and mixed on a Neve V3 console at Studios de la Seine, Paris, May 2015.


I keep a very good memory for our mastering sessions: Alexis Kevork is a very skillful engineer with lots of professionalism. I think that Mastering Engineers who take their time to deal with each project like a unique experience are getting scarce. Tore Velden - Shades Of Blue

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