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Before sending us your files, it is extremely important to follow the next instructions meticulously.

Be aware that a mix that has too many defects will be inexploitable or at least very difficult to work with when Mastering. If this is your case we cannot guarantee miracles! However, we can technically suggest to you if have any doubt or question in the matter of your mixing creation.

File format

Send us your files in their original format which must be "Linear PCM". Most known extensions are: .WAV, .AIFF, .BWF or .WAV64.
Do not send us compressed files such as mp3! The compressed format results in data loss which is audible and irreversible: original sound quality can never be restored. One can data-compress LPCM into any "Lossless" format but please do not waste your time converting your original files. Moreover, the "lossless" files are almost as heavy as the original LPCM's and todays online transfers are so fast to upload heavy files.
Your DAW files can be generated as "Stereo Interleaved" or "Dual mono". Please opt for "Stereo Interleaved" if you have the choice. However a few Workstations exclusively deliver "dual mono" which we accept.

Sampling Rate
Use a Sampling Rate of at least 44,1kHz. We will not accept lower standards.
Not to convert the Sampling Rate used during the summation. If you have mixed "inside the box" please send to us your work with the original sampling rate. Use the same frequency as that of the recording; except in the case of when you have converted your tracks into Analog and reconverted back to digital with another Sampling Rate.
At this stage of mixing, you have summed your tracks in the Analog world, you can use the same Sampling Rate as that of the medium target (example: if the goal is to create an audio CD, the Sampling Rate should be fixed at 44,1kHz). If you have several intents of target mediums (example: replication of audio CD and digital distribution of High-Resolution files); please ask us first.

Please send us your mix with the same digital bit-depth as that of the recording of your tracks. Today recording tracks with a bit-depth of "24bits" is a very common practice and we recommend it. You can send your files with a maximum resolution of 32 bit "floating point", but these files are very heavy so you'll need a lot more time for upload and create large data storage.

Very important : Do not reduce the bit-depth of your mixes! (E.g. reduce a 24 bit file mix into a 16-bit file mix).


It is very important to leave a "reasonable" maximum peak-level on all your mixes. Please never raise your levels to the 0dBFS limit (Full Scale) even if you consider that your tracks are not loud enough. Levels are increased during the Mastering process; it's an important part of our work. It is necessary to leave a "peak" margin of at least -3dBFS, and I suggest that it can be much lower, ie -6dBFS to -10dBFS. Otherwise we will not have sufficient headroom to work efficiently and thus we will not be able to take the best from them.


Please DO NOT use Compressor or Limiter on the stereo bus. It is also an integral part of the Mastering process. If you do so, it will be very difficult for us (if not impossible) to obtain Quality results if the dynamics are already reduced. The only exception would be to use a compressor/limiting device creating special effects at certain parts of the audio, but not on the loudest parts.
If you like the color of your compressor/limiter; we ask you to send us two versions for each one of your mixes: send your compressed version and send a clean version respecting headroom of -3dBFS (or higher). In this case we'll have a very precise idea of what you are looking for.


Please do not "Normalize" your mixes, whatever the type it is ("peak" or "RMS" Normalization etc…). It is a destructive process adding a form of distortion called "Quantization distortion". Furthermore it does not have any advantage for the Mastering task where all levels are carefully adjusted by ear.

Fades in & out

Do not create any "Fades" (Fades In or Out). Those are always edited at the end of the Mastering stage thus avoiding background noise issues and preventing quantization distortion enhancement.

Classic Mastering and Mastering From Stems

You do not know which type of Mastering is best suited to your project? We are here to advise you!
If you do not know what "Mastering From Stems" is find out all about it and what are the advantages by comparing it to the "Classic Mastering". To find out more please refer to the "Frequently Asked Questions" page. Do not hesitate to contact us, we'll be glad to help you.

Getting ready!

Send us your info on the on-line form in the Contact tab and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We will guide you through your full project process with quality work from the start. If you wish, you can ask for a free Mastering Trial on one of your tracks.

Free Trial

At Kevork Mastering we embrace your work attentively taking in account your expectations and your concerns. We want you to be happy with your Master, reproducing an irreproachable sonic quality. We fully understand that you would like to have an idea of what we can do for your music because you have already spent massive amount of time working on your music… We will offer you a free trial, without any obligation, of a 1 minute extract of the piece of music of your choice.

Following are the procedures and conditions:

1/ You must contact us by filling out the form on the "Contact" Tab on
2/ Then you choose one of your tracks. Using your DAW, bounce an extract of one minute long (maximum). The extract must meet the same standards as defined in the "Recommendation" section :

  • Linear PCM file (.WAV .AIFF .BWF or .WAV64),
  • Minimum Sampling Rate of 44,1kHz,
  • Digital resolution of 24bits (recommended)
  • Maximum peak-level below -3dBFS,
  • No use of compressor/limiter on the output bus
  • No Normalization
  • No Fades Ins/Outs editing

3/ Please write your extract name as follows: Songname_Artistname.Wav (or .AIFF…). If the Artist or song names are too long, please reduce their length.
4/ Then you create a new folder and name it as follows: NameOfYourSong_NameOfArtistEXT
5/ Next place the audio file onto the folder. At this point you will be able to write any comments or expectations for us about the Mastering work. Write into a .txt or .pdf extension format only. Include this comment sheet into the folder.
6/ Compress the folder into .rar extension (recommended)
7/ Upload your .rar file using We Transfer using the following email address:
8/ By accepting this service, you affirm that the extract you are sending us is not protected by any license, copyright or contract and that - at the moment of your deposit - it remains your sole property; or the property of the group of artists to whom you belong/are responsible for.

You will receive back your masterised extract as if it were about a Master for Cd-Audio delivery (16 bit/44,1kHz).

Please note that we will process your track as soon as possible, an average processing time is about 3 to 7 working days. Please note that the free trial will be carried out as Classic Mastering. Mastering From Stems is a longer process.