Each project requires special attention and care, thus a variable working time. We will listen to your project initially in order to evaluate necessary work to achieve the Master. Please contact us using the form in the "Contact" tab so we can get started on your project.

Our services include stereo Mastering, Re-Mastering; Restoration and Encoding.
We deliver superior quality Masters and we stay in contact with you during the entire work process. We consider each of our clients a full part of the process. We work on your project by taking in consideration your personal requirements: you will be able to share your needs and expectations. We establish the artistic working-line for your ultimate music connection.

We process an on-line Mastering (e-mastering) which is very flexible, effective and convenient. Thanks to our secure server the Mastered tracks will be available online. You will be able to ask for any modifications you want after listening to the new material and the final copy will be delivered after your approval.

If you hesitate on sending us different versions of your tracks, do not worry. We will give you the necessary advice and expertise before we start the work. We can even offer you a Mastering test for one track extract. You will be able to make your own judgment of the result before you make your final decisions. Please read first the "Recommendation" tab on our site. We hope to hear from you soon!

More info :

Stereo Mastering

We master in the Hybrid domain (Analog and Digital). However, be assured that the dedicated internal DSP resolution is the highest quality (48 bit). When the choice of Analog is selected, conferring with the requirements, we do not invoice the use of Analog equipment. We simply practice the best of our fundamentals.

We offer either "Classic Mastering" or "Mastering From Stems". If you don't know what a "Mastering From Stems" is please read "Frequently Asked Questions" page to find out more information.

We restore from any digital audio source as well as from 33 or 45 vinyl source. If you need to restore material from any other medium please contact us.

We propose the two existing forms of encoding: The "lossy" and the "Lossless".
In spite of the data loss generated by the lossy encoding, we exclusively optimize this loss by suitable techniques and tools applied on the High-Resolution files of your project. The quality of the generated files is then increased, advantageous process if one compares the result starting from the lower-resolution-CD files (which are 16-bit files).
This phase is carried out independently from the Mastering session for CD release. We advise you on a wide selection of Codecs for your final applications according to your music selection.

Furthermore, we deliver master files of the new Apple's Codec optimization for the very recent "Mastered for iTunes" program. Once these "iTunes Plus" files are encoded, it is impossible to differentiate by ones ear which are the encoded files and which are the High-resolution Mastered files. See the page "Frequently Asked Questions" for more information about this subject. Kevork Mastering is "Mastered For iTunes" certified:


Your Mastering has been done a long time ago and the industry standards have changed?
You are not satisfied with a previous Master?
We offer a service of Re-mastering which also includes re-formatting when necessary. Send us your original mixes from which a new master will be made.

Alternate Versions

We can make additional versions of your tracks if you request it. According to your artistic expectations or for commercial purposes we can make many versions: Radio, Club, Censored, Playback, Instrumental, Extended edits...


We can provide you an optional Archive service so that it guaranties adaptation of your music to future industry standards.

Metadata editing, PQ Log & Quality Control

At the very last stage of CD Mastering, we edit all PQ, ISRC, UPC/EAN codes as well as CD-TEXT information into the final medium copy. We include a PQ Log sheet (paper document, which is often referred as a "PQ List") that any replication plant will ask you to supply.

For the Encoded Masters we also provide all metadata.
We carry out a Quality Control Test (QC Test) of all contents before submitting the final Master

The source format

We work from digital sources but we also start from Vinyl sources.

Target applications

Delivery will be digital, depending on the target application it can be:

Physical distribution or Archiving: CD, SACD, DVD, Bd-Audio

On-line distribution (Streaming and Download services) or ready-to-be-sent to the Plant (CD or Vinyl):

  • Audiophile Lossless
  • Consumer Lossy and Audiophile Lossless (Mastered for iTunes)
NOTE: if you are looking for a Vinyl release format, we will work-out a master perfectly suited to that one format, and we will be able to advise you a few top-quality plants for pressing your vinyls.
A word from the author

Educated from two international education programs in Audio Engineering (Society of Audio Engineering (SAE) and the Berklee College of Music) I concluded many years over this specific project in Audio Mastering starting back in 2005. It was an intensive learning process with severe discipline that enabled me to work on various musical-orientated projects.

Auckland's SAE Institute engineer Reuben Rowntree encouraged me to invest further in the Mastering domain. From that point on, I learned the true mindset approach to Mastering with instructor Jonathan Wyner with the Berklee College of Music. I am very grateful from what I've learned through the educational process with Berklee. In 2016 I've been awarded the Celebrity Scolarship given by singer Juan Luis Guerra, being amongst the 16 best students worldwide.

In the early years as a musician, I have played, recorded and toured all over France for years as a guitarist. Then my goal was to work on the post-production domain. I am a member of the AES (Audio Engineering Society) and you can meet me during International AES conventions.

While Digital Domain technology evolves considerable development, I remain convinced that Analog processing tools remain an essential choice in fine tasks. Accurate tools and an extremely careful approach in a dedicated environment are the keys to quality Mastering.

Mastering is the ultimate and critical stage, calling for deferential improvements. A solid scientific knowledge is necessary to resolve all problematic sides, taking into account the artistic goal. The end-product has to be competitive and has to play well on all playback systems meeting all industry standards.

My view is that « physical releases » will continue mainly because we someday need it. Audiophiles swear by the best possible quality and the request is still current.: everybody is enjoying it. Technology remains at the service of the most demanding people while it also serves majority of consumers' need thanks to "lossy" format deliveries. Compressed files are not the best in terms of quality, but technology is still upgrading. Mastering today's practice is to use the "good" Codecs according to the source and there's a good way to optimize their actions for today's music sounding the best.

The development of a new "physical" format was already expected by music enthusiasts: the Blu-Ray-Audio. Recently developed in Japan, it 's a great advancement for music lovers, but it remains too recent a prospect on the industrial side versus the rise of the "streaming" use nowadays (132th AES Convention in Budapest: "Screen-them Navigation for Audio High-Resolution one Blu-Ray discs" Conference, April 28th 2012). On the other side, the Vinyl is emerging again since a few years, for the love of many enthusiasts.

My goal is to offer the best quality possible to my client's art.

Alexis Kevork


AES Berlin


AES Kevork Mastering




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