Kevork Mastering - Professional & Human Audio Mastering Services

I am NOT using Artificial Intelligence for your music productions: your sounds mean a lot more to me than the upshot of automatic online processing. Audio Mastering is NOT a result of calculations, it is a Craft and Art which involves Emotiveness and Good Communication between people. It is a Bespoke Service with a specific Mindset that only experts can prove.

We communicate together so I can identify your artistic direction. My ears and my musical sensitiveness are guiding me the right decisions to improve your sounds. For the listener the Emotive Impact is enhanced: that brings your songs up to the next level. That's what Audio Mastering is all about.

I am open to your artistic vision as we communicate: I suggest & advise you at any point on your music project.

I'm guiding you through the completion of your Audio Projects:

Audio Mastering is a case-by-case type of approach, dedicated to each song of a project. It requires a very careful assessment, a good communication with you, and not to forget a good grasp of expertise at using very specific tools.

Clearly, I am improving the sound of your productions with technical means, using top-of-the-art gear and my experience in working with any genre of music.

My Masters are competitive in accordance with the Industry Standards.

Alexis de Kevork Mastering travaillant dans son studio de mastering audio

Audio Mastering

Kevork Mastering is an Audio Mastering facility based in France near Paris. I'm concerned about your music to be enhanced and impactful upon release. Importantly I want your project to be competitive according to today’s market.

You may have preferences? You want it loud while keeping good dynamics? Or maybe you need some advice before starting? Please come in, this is the right place for you. I'm working on any genre of music.

Full Mastering Expertise.

Other related Services

My services also include Remastering, Audio Restoration, Encoding optimization, Metadata insertion, DDP support, Analog transfer, Archiving. Furthermore, I'm delivering optional track versions such as Alternate / Edit versions of your tracks that I've got mastered.

Those are typical Mastering-related Services. They can be subject to a unique or special request.


I deliver high-quality masters using today's best available tools, in both Analog and Digital domains. I'm using an optimized analog chain consisted of devices that have been carefully selected for their musical interactions. My digital processors are the best in the business, they complement the Analog process like none. I am using Analog equipment without any additional cost.

A few examples of my work...

You can have a look at some of my Mastered work that I've done...

L'aperçu de mon Blog: autour du Mastering, de l'actualité de l'Audio, de la Culture Musicale...

Alexis' books

Voici quelques ouvrages sérieux que je vous conseille de vous procurer. Ils vous aideront à approfondir vos connaissances sur le sujet du Mastering, mais aussi dans le domaine de l’Audio en général: ils vous seront utiles pour cerner d’autres notions qui se croisent, pour mieux comprendre le grand monde du Son.