My path

Educated from two international education programs in Audio Engineering (Society of Audio Engineering (SAE) and the Berklee College of Music) I conclude many years over this specific project in Audio Mastering starting back in 2005. It's an intensive learning process with severe discipline that enables me to work on various musical-orientated projects. Auckland's SAE Institute engineer Reuben Rowntree encourages me to invest further in the Mastering domain. Also graduated in Physics at the University of Orsay (France) I'm convinced that Audio Mastering fits very well to my own personality. From that point on, I'm learning the true mindset approach of Mastering with instructor Jonathan Wyner with the Berklee College of Music. I am very grateful from what I'm learning through the educational process with Berklee. Later in 2016 I am awarded the Celebrity Scolarship given by singer Juan Luis Guerra, being amongst the 16 best students involved.

Alexis Kevork BASSALI.


In the early years as a musician, I play, record and tour all over France for years as a guitarist. I am a member of the AES (Audio Engineering Society) so like me if you're curious about the Audio Realm which you may find interesting, let's meet during a next International AES convention !

While Digital advances in technology show considerable development in the domain, I remain convinced by the strength of Analog processing, which is - not to forget - also improving indeed. My goal is to offer the best quality possible to my client's art.

Alexis Kevork Mastering

The Studio

My studio consists of Hybrid sound processors of the highest quality, so as to optimize Bespoke Mastering Services.

My Services

Audio Mastering

You are welcome. Kevork Mastering is an Audio Mastering facility based in France near Paris. I'm concerned about your music to be enhanced and impactful upon release. Importantly I want your project to be competitive according to today’s market. You may have preferences? You want it loud while keeping good dynamics? Or maybe you need some advice before starting? Please come in, this is the right place for you. I'm working on any genre of music. Full Mastering Expertise.

Other related Services

My services also include Remastering, Audio Restoration, Encoding optimization, Metadata insertion, DDP support, Analog transfer, Archiving. Furthermore, I'm delivering optional track versions such as Alternate / Edit versions of your tracks that I've mastered.

Those « Related Services » are full part of the job of “Audio Mastering”, but I created this section because some producers may request more targeted options.

Some of my work...

You can have a look at a few of my Mastered work that I've done...