Technical Requirements before sending me your Audio Project

Recommendations are Technical Requirements that you should take into account before exporting your Mixes. Indeed they help optimize the Mastering Process.

Before sending me your sound files, please check my following instructions.

Be aware that a mix which has too many defects can be unexploitable for Mastering. However, I will first listen to your sounds and you'll get my feedback asap. Also I can technically suggest to you if have any question or doubt in the matter of your mixing creation / production.

Audio File Format

Send me your audio files within their original Linear PCM encoded format .WAV .AIFF, .AIF, .BWF, .WAV64…

Please NO Lossy formats such as mp3, AAC, etc.. Those formats have been strongly reduced in quality, and there's no possible recovery of the original audio content.

Your audio have to be exported as "Stereo Interleaved" files.

Sampling Rate

I accept all Sampling Rates equal or over 44.1kHz.

Please don't convert your Sample Rate ! Use the same Sample Rate as that of the recording. Maybe except in special cases like for instance when you have converted your tracks into Analog and convert back to digital with another Sampling Rate... Any questions ? Any doubt ? Please contact me ! Convertisseur ADC est lié aux formats prévus.

If you want to release your Project in multiple formats, I need to know. Please contact me asap. Contactez-moi pour en parler.

Bit Depth

Recommended Bit Depth is 24bits. You can send me your mixes with a Bit Depth of 32bit floatting point if your tracks have been mixed In The Box (ITB).

Important: please Do Not add or reduce Gain. No Peak Normalization, etc...

Fades In / Out

Please don't create any Fades In nor Fades Out. Please leave a space of at least 1 second before the start & 1 second after the end of your tracks.


I recommend leaving a Headroom of 3dB's on each one of your Mixes. Indeed, don't exceed -3dBFs/Peak on each of your Mixes.

Do not use Compressors/limiters in the only goal to make your Mixes sound "Louder". Let me do this. It is part of the Mastering process ;-)

Different Mix Versions

You have multiple versions of your mix ? You may want to know which one is better regarding the Mastering Process ? Send me all your versions which have been approved by the Producer or Artist orLabel. And I'll get back to you. Send me your Project today.

Want to know more ?...

Please don't hesitate to reach me by phone @ +33 6 70 51 21 55 or by email:, or by clicking the Contact page. 06 70 51 21 55 or by email using or by filing the Contact Form