Here you’ll find a detailed presentation of a few services related to Mastering Audio.


Your project has been mastered a long time ago and now you'd like a new release with a better sound... maybe it's time to ask a Remaster ?

You are not satisfied with the sound of one of your previous release. You still have the recordings. Time to remaster your project!

I'm offering you Remastering Services: send me your original mixes and I'll work out a great Master for you, for your next release.

Audio Restoration

You own recordings but the sound is noisy or unwanted, or deteriorated. This has to be fixed at some point.

I am working with the most effective tools available which use the most powerful technology for restoring sound defects. Their appropriate use will highlight your recordings like you would not expect.

I'm mostly working from Digital files. But if you need to clean-up from Analog medium, I'm able to help. Let's contact !

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Alternate Versions

I also offer additional versions of a same track. They are called "Alternate Versions". 

Elles peuvent être des versions Edit, Radio Edit, Club, Mix Dub, Playback, Instrumental, Extended, Censuré…

Également, cela peut être des fichiers crées pour d’autres formats « de sortie » que le format initial prévu. En effet, il est important de tenir compte des limitations liées à chaque format de sortie.  En Mastering on cherche à améliorer le rendu sonore du signal en tenant compte des contraintes techniques que suscite le format. L’attention est donc requise pour chaque format considéré.

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I offer any encoded audio format, whether those are Lossless or Lossy kind of files.

Let's contact & communicate on your needs for your release, I 'm happy to help.

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Apple Digital Masters

Moreover, I'm offering the "Apple Digital Masters" Apple option, which formerly stood under the name of "Mastered for iTunes" compliance. These are optimized Mastered files that Apple encodes from the High-Resolution Mastered files that I'm sending you. Once Apple encodes your "Apple Digital Masters" hence labeled files, one will have a very hard time earing audible difference between the Apple encoded files versus the High Resolution Mastered files that I've worked for you.


You need a Vinyl release? Technically speaking, this can't be improvised! A very specific craft and expertise is involved for making good Lacquers because of numerous (and important) constraints due to the medium playability. If you feel concerned about how good each of your tracks will translate into vinyl, let’s connect. I can advise you. Just hit me!

Vinyle ou Vinyl

Metadata, DDP

Your digital delivery will include the insertion of some data into the Masters, This is called "Metadata". It can be codes (PQ, ISRC, UPC/EAN, CD-TEXT...) or specific data like Artist name, Author, Arranger, Composer etc...

In the case of the CD-Audio, at the end of the process I'm sending you a document resuming all the inserted Metadata. Useful when double-checking before sending the Master DDP to the pressing plant. Also, upon your submission I insert your Metadata on any of your audio Master files.

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I'm offering Archiving Services if you need to keep safe your Hi-Resolution Mastered files. So that it guaranties the adaptation of your music to the next industry standards. Indeed, those files are exactly the ones which have been approved at the Mastering session by the Producer, Artist, Label... in full accordance with the one artistic achievement.

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